What We Do

Although we may be familiar with the basic tenets of Christianity, many of us struggle to understand the full meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to experience it in community with others.  The purpose of RUF is to build a community on Northwestern's campus that embraces people of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the gospel and equips them to live out its implications in their lives. 

  • Large Group

    RUF meets every Tuesday night at 9pm for our weekly large group meeting in Annenberg G15. This is a night of vibrant worship, solid teaching, and great people. For many people our large group meeting is the entry-point into RUF. Like everything we do, it is directed towards all kinds of people, regardless of your spiritual background, beliefs, doubts, or questions. This is a place for you to ask questions and explore Christianity if you are unsure of your beliefs, as well as grow in your understanding of the gospel and its impact on all areas of our lives. So regardless of where you stand, we would love to have you join us.
  • Community Groups

    Community groups are a place where students can study the Bible, build rich friendships, and pray. We recognize that the Christian life is far too difficult and counter-cultural to live out on our own. These groups lead to deeper community so that we can work out the implications of the gospel in our lives together. Community groups meet once a week over dinner in various apartments and dorms throughout campus. Check out the Get Involved page for specific times and locations!
  • Service Opportunities

    RUF provides several opportunities to mentor children, host a Bible Study with the homeless, serve alongside ministries on the South Side seeking the health and well being of our city, or simply learn more about social justice and urban ministry from people who have dedicated their lives to the renewal of Chicago.
  • Retreats

    Once a quarter RUF takes a weekend to get off campus together and relax from the hectic pace of life at NU. We spend time hearing excellent teaching, eating together, playing together, and generally just kickin' it. Our Winter Conference this year will be from Feb. 23-25.